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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sign Up For A Course?
Click the top of the page that says "BUY NOW" 

When will new courses be posted?
I post new courses each week.

How Do I Get A Non-Restricted PAL?
1.) Take the Non-Restricted Canadian Firearms Safety Course
2.) Pass the written exam and practical exam at the end of the course
3.) Complete the application and mail it to the address on the envelop 

How Do I Get A Restricted PAL?
1.) After you have completed the Non-Restricted course (or have your Non-Restricted PAL), you can take the restricted course
2.) Take the Restricted Canadian Firearms Safety Course
3.) Pass the test at the end of the course
4.) Pass the written exam and practical exam
 at the end of the course
5.) Complete the application and mail it to the address on the envelop 

What is the Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSC)?
The CFSC is an eight hour firearm safety course. It is a federal requirement for those who wish to apply for a PAL.

What is a PAL?
A PAL is a Possession and Acquisition License. That’s what a gun license is called in Canada. Some people get confused because many years ago it was called an FAC (Firearm Acquisition Certificate).

How do I apply for a PAL?
Any Canadian Citizen or Resident who wants to apply for their PAL must complete the Canadian Firearm Safety Course. This is the course I teach. The CFSC is the only course you need to apply for your PAL. After successful completion, I’ll provide you with the application form to apply.

What is the cost of the course?
$175 per class or $300 if both courses are purchased and taken within 7 days each other.

Course book is mandatory $25 or you can download and print the  book.

A photo is required to apply for your license, I offer a picture $20 on site service which allows the student to bypass driving to a store waiting in line, and paying the same price for the same picture.
Where is the course held?
665 Century St
Winnipeg, Mb

What should I expect in the course?
We learn about firearm safety from the CFSC handbook. Much of the course is about preventing accidents. I will discuss target shooting. You also handle several different firearms and many types of ammunition. You will learn proper procedures for handling, loading, and firing (the firearms we use are disabled and the ammunition is dummy ammunition). We will learn about safe and legal storage.

How long is the course?
Non-restricted is 8 hours plus testing. Restricted is 6 hours plus testing.

What if I am not fluent in English?
Our course is taught in English only and is intended for those who are fluent in English.

Do I need to bring anything?
Photo ID…and maybe a big coffee!

Is the test difficult?
There are two parts to the test: written and practical. The written test is 50 questions, multiple choice. The practical requires you to do only what you learn during the course. This course is designed for ages 12+. If you pay attention and you’re fluent in English, you’re off to a great start! Very few people who are fluent in English fail the CFSC tests after taking this course.

Who can take the course?
Ages 12 and up. Ages 18+ for Restricted, Those prohibited from possessing firearms may not take the course. If you are unsure, feel free to ask the Canada Firearms Program at 1-800-731-4000.

Can minors get a PAL?
Ages 12-17 may apply for a Minor’s Possession License. If you take this course as a minor you do not need to take the course again when you turn 18.

Can I challenge the course?
No. The RCMP used to allow CFSC challenges but no longer do.

How long is the course?
Non-restricted is 8hrs , Restricted is 6hrs. This is the RCMP time requirement. This does not include testing time.

Is this the Hunter Safety course?
No. There are two licenses people often confuse:
1.) PAL: Required to buy and possess firearms but doesn’t allow you to hunt game in Manitoba.
2.) MB Hunter Safety: required to hunt game in Manitoba and doesn’t allow you to own a firearm.
Note: I do not teach the MB Hunter Safety Course. The Hunter Safety Course is available online.

What’s the difference between non-restricted and restricted?
The RCMP explains that here:

What happens if I pay and don’t show up…or if I show up late?
You forfeit your spot. Since the RCMP only allows us instructors to book 12 students per class, space is precious. Please put it in your calendar and set your alarm. We will not admit anyone who shows up after the start time. There will be no refunds for any reason whatsoever. Think of this like buying concert tickets – your payment reserves your spot whether or not you’re there.

How can I be sure you’re a legit instructor and that I can trust you?
I invite you to phone the Manitoba Chief Firearm Officer at the RCMP firearms program. I welcome you to verify my credentials MB0427 with them.

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