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At Winnipeg Firearm Safety,

The following courses are available

Non-Restricted (CFSC) safety course ( Shot Guns , Rifles )
Restricted (CRFSC) safety course. ( Hand Guns , Some Long Guns )

These courses are geared for anyone interesting in hunting, target shooting or
collecting firearms. 

Employment that requires an employee to handle firearms / Ammunition 
- Sales clerk
- Firearm handler
- Armed Guard
- Prerequisite for Government employment 

Course content includes history, basic safe practices, operating actions,
safe carrying and handling, firing techniques and procedures,
care and maintenance,
responsibilities and safe storage/display and transportation.

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  • In Manitoba and Quebec, some provincial hunter-safety courses are equivalent to the CFSC. If you passed those courses before 1995, you do not need to do the CFSC.

  • You may be exempted from taking firearms safety training if you have owned a firearm continuously since January 1, 1979, and a Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) believes that your knowledge of firearms laws and safe handling practices meets the national safety standards.

  • If you passed the CFSC before February 1999 you have also passed the CRFSC by default. You can apply for a Possession and Acquisition Licence without taking the course again


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