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Explore Winnipeg Firearm Safety

A hub for individuals interested in responsible firearm handling, offering comprehensive courses to suit their needs. Available are both the Non-Restricted (CFSC) safety course, covering shotguns and rifles, and the Restricted (CRFSC) safety course, which includes training on handguns and certain long guns. Geared towards hunters, target shooting enthusiasts, collectors, and more, these courses offer essential knowledge and skills for safe firearm engagement.

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Catering not only to personal interests but also to professional requirements, Winnipeg Firearm Safety's courses are relevant for roles that involve firearm and ammunition handling, such as sales clerks, firearm handlers, armed guards, and government positions.


The course content encompasses historical insights, fundamental safety practices, operational techniques, secure handling methods, firing procedures, maintenance guidelines, as well as responsibilities related to storage, display, and transportation.

Professionals from various fields including police, fire, EMS, military, and nursing are eligible for an exclusive 15% discount, showcasing Winnipeg Firearm Safety's dedication to fostering responsible firearm use within the community. With a strong belief in the power of education, these courses empower individuals to engage with firearms conscientiously and confidently, promoting safety and knowledge above all else.

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